Eye Magnet Programs

These programs are designed to raise a company’s online presence in a way that places the company and their products in front of the target customer in an ongoing way. This is done primarily through posts to the company website via a blog or latest news area and sharing that information to their relevant social media channels. However, this can also include more traditional online marketing like SEO, Google Adwords and email marketing. All content will be written and posted in a way as to be optimized for the website or social platform it is posted on.

  • Content Generation
  • Social Media Managment
  • Targeted Online Marketing
  • Google Adwords Managment
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Email Marketing
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Have the Website built that attracts the following you’ve always wanted!

Your website doesn’t just showcase who you are as a brand, but is an online extension of your brick and mortar storefront. It’s a place where potential customers can begin their shopping experience or repeat customers can discover new window tint solutions for other areas of their lives.

  • Full Featured Semi-Custom Design
  • Fully Mobile Friendly and Responsive
  • Social Media Integration
  • Dynamic Content Sharing Modules
  • Simplified Admin Interface
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Eye Magnet Managment is working with one of the best hosting platforms available to offer our clients a unique hosting service. Eye Magnet will host your website on a dedicated server that only houses other Eye Magnet managed sites. All sites on this host server will be maintained and kept up to date by the team at Eye Magnet. This is important for the security of the server and the websites hosted there. We will also monitor speed and stability of the sites on this host server. We have the ability to increase capacity and speed inline with demand to ensure that all of the sites hosted will perform at peak levels.

Eye Magnet Managment utilizes programs to optimize the content on a WordPress site in a way that enables Google to easily understand what your website is about and properly register it for searches. We will optimize all new content added to the website including pages, posts and images. Google and other search engines often change the way that they rank websites. Our programs allow us to stay in tune with these moves and modify your SEO information to keep your website optimized.

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