Market Segmentation – Is Your Content Aimed at Your Target?

Market Segmentation

One of the biggest mistakes we notice when reviewing a company’s marketing strategy is the failure to define customer types, create specific content for that audience type and then delivering that content where that audience is looking. In marketing speak, this is called market segmentation. Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: “Market Segmentation is a marketing strategy which involves dividing a … Read More

Eye Magnet Management’s Science of Marketing

Science of Marketing

Creating a successful marketing campaign is much like conducting a science experiment. In the beginning, you take the best assumptions you can gather, create a strategy, implement the plan, analyze the results, tweak the program based on what you observe and repeat the process. We call this the Science of Marketing. As you continue through this cycle, your marketing program … Read More

Here’s the Difference Between Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales

If there’s one consistent misunderstanding that I encounter in business, it’s that people don’t differentiate between marketing and sales within an organization. Some think they are basically the same thing, which is a mistake. This mindset is as old as business itself and many of the subtleties are quite detailed; however, here are some simple ways to define what classifies … Read More

America Still Loves the Suburbs…Does Your Marketing?

Millennial Marketing

Recent studies has actually disproven the thought that millennials would rather rent in an urban area than own in the suburbs. As this generation gets older and moves into prime home buying years, does your marketing strategy reflect this newfound reality? This news has the potential to impact many industries and should be something you consider when looking into your … Read More

Meet the Eye Magnet Team – Andrew Barnes

We are happy to welcome Andrew Barnes to the Eye Magnet Team. Andrew brings a wealth of experience in a variety of areas from graphic arts and website design to the ability to design and create some of the coolest websites possible. Andrew has worked extensively in the active sports industry with a variety of brands including Oakley and 5150 … Read More

Use Facebook Place Tips to Boost Your Local Business

Place Tips by Facebook

If you own a local retail business, you need to pay close attention to the Facebook Place Tips program. This program was previously in the beta phase in many locations in New York City, but now Facebook is rolling it out across the US. The best part is that this is absolutely free to local businesses. So, what is Place … Read More

Content is King To Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Content is King for Google Search

The term “Content is King” has never been more true than it is right now with regard to the way Google Search ranks your website. The team at Eye Magnet Management​ was not even fully aware of the new Google “Phantom” algorithm update when Patric Fransko​ wrote this for Window Film Magazine​. However, this new update to the algorithm now … Read More

Success is Never Owned

Never Own Success

We had to share this bit of truth from our friend Lewis Howes. This is a pretty deep statement if you think about it. Are you doing everything you can to make sure you are paying that rent for your success? There is never a point of arriving. The minute you stop pushing forward, you start falling back. In all aspects … Read More

Is SEO Dead or Still Relevant?

Dead SEO

Is SEO Dead? Check out this article written by Patric Fransko for an industry magazine that discusses if SEO is relevant in 2015, and if so, what does it look like.