A Discussion On The Value Of A College Degree With Peter VanderHart

A Discussion On The Value Of A College Degree With Peter VanderHart

I am very excited about the guest we have on this episode of The Eye Magnet Management Show. I welcome Peter G. VanderHart, Ph.D., Chair of the Economics Department at Bowling Green State University to have a conversation on the value of a college degree in 2020. Peter was one of my professors during my time earning a degree in economics … Read More

Market Segmentation – Is Your Content Aimed at Your Target?

Market Segmentation

One of the biggest mistakes we notice when reviewing a company’s marketing strategy is the failure to define customer types, create specific content for that audience type and then delivering that content where that audience is looking. In marketing speak, this is called market segmentation. Here’s how Wikipedia defines it: “Market Segmentation is a marketing strategy which involves dividing a … Read More

Eye Magnet Management’s Science of Marketing

Science of Marketing

Creating a successful marketing campaign is much like conducting a science experiment. In the beginning, you take the best assumptions you can gather, create a strategy, implement the plan, analyze the results, tweak the program based on what you observe and repeat the process. We call this the Science of Marketing. As you continue through this cycle, your marketing program … Read More