About Eye Magnet Management

Patric Fransko at Eye Magnet Management

Eye Magnet Management was founded by Patric Fransko to bring World class marketing services to businesses of any size. With nearly 20 years experience helping build everything from large international corporations to smaller privately held organizations, Patric’s objective is to bring our clients a pragmatic approach to marketing that is results driven.

Eye Magnet Management is a full service digital marketing and social media management agency specializing in online marketing and brand building coupled with cohesive strategies that drive real business results.

Our goal is to fully understand your business and marketing objectives and then work with you to build an online asset base and strategy that meets your needs within the budget available. Whether you are a retained client or we are working with you on a project basis, you can be assured that Eye Magnet will be fully invested in your success.

"In essence, all marketing boils down to determining where people are spending their time and then delivering compelling content in that space in a way that attracts the eyes you are trying to reach."

Patric Fransko

President - Eye Magnet Management