Can We Stop Debating the Importance of Social Media to Your Business?

Can We Finally Stop Doubting the Importance of Social Media to Your Business?

You would think that this would be a closed issue by now, but we still hear clients working with our agency question the importance of social media to their business. If we get no other point across by sharing this article, please understand this; proper use of social media is the most important thing you can be doing for your business in 2017. In fact, it would be hard to imagine a business doing well or even surviving over the next 10 years without embracing it.

Our founder Patric Fransko wrote this article recently to discuss exactly this and used information gathered from a recent Pew Research study to back up what he was saying. If you are still on the fence about whether social media is a good fit for marketing your business, you owe it to yourself to check out the article below and the corresponding Pew Research data.

We are not here to convince anyone. Patric has been talking about social media and the importance of it for more than five years and it baffles him that some still question the value. Our thoughts are, if you feel this way, you are already falling behind. How can we be so sure? Because these are not theories or guesses. We use these platforms every day to help our clients grow. The data is all there. You just have to be willing to be honest about what the data is telling you.

To read the entire article titled, “Can We Finally Stop Doubting the Importance of Social Media to Your Business?”, click HERE

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