Social Media Marketing – Speaking in the Platform’s “Native Language”?

Social Media Marketing in the native tongue.

Have you ever been at a party or in a meeting where it was clear that one of the people there did not fit in. It may have been the way they dressed, how old or young they were, the type of language they used, etc. Whatever the reason, they stood out as not belonging there. This same thing can happen with social media marketing if you do not tailor the message and the way it is posted to each individual platform.

Check out a snippet of an article that Patric Fransko just wrote about this very topic.

You have probably noticed if you have spent time on a variety of social networks that the messaging and tone seems a little different on each. While Facebook allows you to post longer form posts and that is accepted, the limited character of Twitter forces people to get right to the point. You may also have noticed that hashtags (words with the # sign in front used for search functionality, ex. #WindowTint) are used heavily on platforms like Twitter and Instagram, but are much less prevalent on Facebook or LinkedIn. In addition, you may have noticed that the tone on platforms like LinkedIn tends to be much more business focused as opposed to the social nature of other platforms.

Just like a language, these differences are all important when it comes to communicating with your audience on each platform. You do not want to be overly social and posting pictures of parties on LinkedIn. It would seem inappropriate and would likely not send the desired message to the users there. Likewise, you would not want to appear too businesslike and serious on a platform like Instagram or people might ignore you as seeming too stuffy for the room. Also, try to keep norms regarding things like the use of hashtags, @references and the like confined to their appropriate platform.

If you are interested in reading this entire article on social media marketing in a platform’s “native language”, check HERE.

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