Content is King To Improve Your Google Search Ranking

Content is King for Google Search

The term “Content is King” has never been more true than it is right now with regard to the way Google Search ranks your website.

The team at Eye Magnet Management​ was not even fully aware of the new Google “Phantom” algorithm update when Patric Fransko​ wrote this for Window Film Magazine​. However, this new update to the algorithm now makes this article even more timely. We will share more about the new Google update in the coming weeks as we get all the details, but let’s just say that they have made a major shift toward awarding good content as it relates to search rankings.

If you are not creating good, consistent content for your website, you are going to see your website rankings drop in the coming months. Contact the team at Eye Magnet Management if you need help creating and executing a strategy around generating consistent great content on your website and social media pages.

Check out the article HERE 

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